Lady Rolex Datejust 31MM is the goddess style of all Rolex watches, and it is also the best watch for goddesses.

I originally thought of a title called "How do my girlfriends buy a Rolex?", I found this watch to be written before I picked up the pen. It was called a goddess watch by my friends on the Internet, and it must not be the female friends themselves. How can women use such words to describe a person or thing? But think about it, it seems that it makes sense to call it a goddess watch.

It is the goddess style of all Rolex watches, and it is also the best watch for goddesses. Among all Rolex watches, the Oyster Perpetual Datejust Datejust is 75 years old. Since 1945, the first datejust watch was created. Today, the datejust covers a variety of sizes, bezels and bracelets. The combination of the dial color and design changes, but the only thing that remains unchanged is probably its classic image. The log type with almost no major changes in appearance is not only one of Rolexs longest green series, but also the first A watch with automatic winding and a date window at 3 o'clock. It is replica version Lady Rolex Datejust 31MM replica.

Lady Rolex Datejust 31MM replica watch

At present, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust has 41, 36, 34, 31 mm and other sizes. The model called the Goddess is about 34 or 31 mm, but I dont agree too much. I think 36 mm is suitable at the same time. For men and women, girlfriends wear elegant but heroic spirit. Shouldn't this also be a trait of a goddess ? For more fake rolex for sale. When I choose the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch style, I will probably value several points: the color or material of the dial; I prefer the triangle pattern on the bezel, the chain strap, and the commemorative watch; I prefer Roman numerals. It is because in the log-type style, you can find too many variations of Rolexs classic elements such as dials, bracelets, bezels, hour markers, etc., so every time you go to the store to look at the watch, you will have difficulty choosing.

Lady Rolex Datejust 31MM replica watch

Every year, Rolex launches more or less new models for the log type. Of course, the previous models can still be found on the market, but it may take a little luck to find the most ideal combination in your mind. Before entering the new topic of 2020, I will let everyone take a look at some of the diary styles in the past two years to appreciate the wonderful variety of diary 36 and diary 31. Since there are too many changes in the styles of the log type, it is a bit difficult to talk about them one by one. However, in 2018 I think several styles are very exciting. First of all, the brown surface of the gold style between the gold and steel materials also won my heart. I have always felt that the small and medium-sized dials of the Rolex Datejust are green, brown and mineral noodles that are the most exciting. In 2018, there were also fancy pave diamonds and butterfly-shaped mother-of-pearl decorative face plates, which are also relatively rare and gorgeous styles on the market.

Lady Rolex Datejust 31MM replica watch

Just because the Rolex Datejust is a style suitable for everyone, there are many variations in various sizes and styles, and it also makes people the most troublesome when choosing which one to buy. Of course, you can start with the budget first, because there are few all-Oyster-steel styles for the log type. If it is all-steel, the bezel is mostly smooth and smooth. Most of the triangular pits are designed between precious metals and steel. All-steel styles The price is easier to start, but the style selection is also less.

In other brand watches, it seems not too difficult to choose the size. After all, the styles have not changed so much that you can't finish it at a glance, but the Rolex log type is different. The 36mm size has its combination and the 31mm size is not necessarily There is exactly the same combination. In 2018, the Datejust 36 made a very subtle modification and was launched to make this medium size more attractive. Although I think 36mm men can also wear it, look at the black face, triangular pit pattern white gold and steel in 2019. The style, although it looks simple at first, it has a deep charm, like a woman with a neat appearance and a rich heart. When you wear it, it is like a gas field that everyone needs to say.

Lady Rolex Datejust 31MM

However, in 2019, the petite Datejust 31, the green dial 278273 triangular pit pattern, and the 18ct yellow gold steel model did not reduce its charm and unique style due to its small size. The Datejust 31 is indeed a goddess-level watch that is more suitable for all women. , Wear on any size of the wrist, there is almost no point to be picky, suitable for all occasions, all kinds of dress.

Among the new model 31 in 2020, the white face plate style surprised me. Like the black face model 36 in 2019, it is so simple and seemingly ordinary. But Rolex's polishing process on the case and bracelet makes this watch even if only the triangular pit ring is made of 18ct white gold, but Oystersteel appears to be bursting with such exquisite craftsmanship. It's strange that Rolex's white dial is whiter than other brands of white dials, and black dials are darker. It seems to be thorough from the inside to the outside, making this watch not boring at all, but it makes people love it.


After the Rolex Datejust watch has been upgraded from the movement in the 1970s, the crown can be used to quickly adjust the date. Although this function is not the first Rolex to develop and put into the watch, this function is a very important one in daily life. : Pull the crown to the first position, and turn the crown counterclockwise to quickly adjust forward one day. As a daily-wearing watch, the Datejust 31 has its simplicity, but if you want to wear it on special occasions, it also has a low-key and noble sense. The gray face and diamond hour-marker style is probably this versatile goddess style, just like an elegant woman behaves generously on any occasion, Recommend a website to buy the best replica watches in the world

I am particularly obsessed with the Rolex commemorative bracelet. It may be that I used to wear more Oyster bracelet styles. The sporty and casual design is very suitable for my personality, but I often see the commemorative bracelet , I feel that it has a sense of ladylikeness, the kind of real high elegance, and a luxurious temperament built out of indescribable delicateness. It may be like having been in contact with ordinary cashmere and suddenly touching the top cashmere Senior.

In fact, the log-type 31 style is more recommended, and there is another reason: convenience. This practical and convenient reason comes from the 2236 movement of the watch. Datejust 36 or 41 are equipped with 3235 movement. Of course, the performance is nothing to say, but the 2236 movement equipped with Datejust 31. Its balance spring is a patented Syloxi silicon hairspring developed by Rolex. This kind of hairspring is antimagnetic and time-sensitive. The performance of resistance and shock resistance are excellent, which can bring great convenience to women who do not know how to take care of mechanical watches. In particular, everyone is discussing that the latest iPhone 12 comes with a magnetic charging device. For mechanical watches that are more worried about magnetization, it is important to have better diamagnetism. The log type 31 is indeed less expensive in daily maintenance heart.

Lady Rolex Datejust 31MM

I mentioned earlier that I like green the most. No matter what style Rolex launches, most of the first thing I noticed is green. This is my paranoia, and it is indeed the direction of my watch. Otherwise, the vast sea of watches will be troubled by choice difficulties. It's hard to handle. However, the new mint green dial in 2020 has changed my outlook a bit. It seems to be blue, but with a touch of greenness. This peculiar mint green is extremely rare in the Rolex watch series. When purchasing a Datejust 31 watch, I also recommend choosing carefully from the characteristics of the dial, because the size of the watch is small, and every detail will determine its unique style, just like every woman is unique Goddess, you need to savor and watch carefully.

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